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 Welcome to Vivi's Custom Cookies
Custom made just for you!

Are you looking for beautifully decorated delicious cookies and cakes

for your special celebration?

Look no further!  Vivi is here to help. 

About Vivi

A lil about me!   

I'm a self-taught, home-based artistic baker, with over 15 years of experience creating custom edible pieces of art. 

My unique ability to turn cakes and cookies into amazing pieces of art, is what sets me apart from all other traditional bakers and keeps my customers raving. I continually push myself and my abilities to create treats that not only amaze people's eyes and tastebuds, but also touch their hearts.

It's my passion to obtain the visions of my customers and create fun, edible, interactive and multifunctional cookies that become a great hit at every celebration. I pride myself in being able to put a smile on the face of every one of my consumers, whether they are a 5-year-old celebrating their birthday or an adult celebrating the purchase of their new home!

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